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Exquisite Partners is a full-service expert firm, born out of a keen interest in helping clients achieve business objectives by establishing procedures and policies needed for growth in the long run. Our company arose from a desperate need to add value to all types of businesses, including government and private parastatals. Exquisite Partners is a mix of professionals who meet the needs of entrepreneurs by providing valuable lessons and experiences needed for their survival in the corporate world. Our services are Human Resources Service, Legal and Consulting Services, Property Management, Chartered Secretarial/ Compliance Services and SME management. | Lagos


June 21, 2024

Agiville Industries was founded by the present management with a determination to build capacity in the area of environmental protection and sanitation within Nigeria. We consider ourselves prime stakeholders in the environment sanitation industry and as such ideally positioned to partner with the relevant agencies across the country. | Lagos


June 18, 2024

PZ Cussons is a dynamic consumer products group and innovator of some of the world's best-known and loved brands. Calling on over 130 years of expertise, we operate internationally in carefully selected developed and emerging markets that present the greatest strategic potential for future growth. Our world-class supply chain and distribution networks enable us to meet our global consumer needs and deliver quality brands that add value and enhance everyday lives. | Nigeria


June 10, 2024