Olam International

Olam International was founded in 1989 with a single commodity and a single country, selling cashew from Nigeria into India. Today, we are a prominent agribusiness in 65 countries, delivering food and industrial raw materials to over 13,800 customers globally. | Lagos


January 1, 2024

Olam International is a significant food and agribusiness corporation with operations in 60 countries and a global client base of over 20,900. Farming, origination, processing, and distribution are all part of its value chain. | Edo


December 25, 2023

Olam International is a global food and agribusiness that supplies food, ingredients, feed, and fibre to approximately 19,800 clients. Our value chain comprises agricultural, processing, and distribution activities in over 60 countries, as well as a sourcing network of 4.8 million farmers. | Lagos, Kwara and Kano


December 8, 2023