11 Skills You Can Acquire to Make Money and Earn Dollars Online

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The world is now a global stage where anyone can interact with anybody thousands of miles away with the click of a button. As a result, many windows of opportunity have been opened for people to make money in different currencies on the Internet. Making legitimate money online is now possible, but you will need to invest your time to learn a skill in order to make that money. To be honest, it is not as easy as many people on YouTube portray it to be.

Here are some skills you can invest in to earn dollars online:

Graphic Design: the need for Graphic designers in an ever-changing world has become greater, especially with the computer-savvy Gen-Z baddies who are glued to their phones. Be it in movies, music videos, skits, etc., the need for Graphic designers who can create visually appealing content for various mediums, including commercials, publications, websites, and products has become enormous. You can offer your services on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr or sell your designs on sites like Creative Market, Etsy, or Zazzle. To get started, consider taking courses like Graphic Design Bootcamp or Canva Design School.

Start a YouTube channel: This is another way to make money online. Many creators on Youtube are making thousands of dollars on Youtube. Most skitmakers have bought their dream cars, and mansions by sharing their passion on YouTube. You need a working camera, microphone, mini-studio, and a good video editor to play in the big league or you can start small with your phone. Depending on the one you like, YouTube offers many the opportunity to earn an honest living talking about finance, fashion, sports, cryptocurrency, mobile phones, celebrities, and anything you want to talk about.

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Software Development: Software developers design and build computer programs, including mobile apps and video games. This skill offers the opportunity to provide solutions and improve people’s lives. Learn the basics through online courses, and consider certification in languages like Java, SQL, JavaScript, Python, or others.

Video Editing: Video editing is in high demand with the rise of online video advertising and social media. You can work as a freelancer, helping businesses and YouTubers create compelling video content. Explore online courses on platforms like Udemy to learn video editing techniques.

Copywriting: Copywriters create persuasive written content for advertising and promotional materials. You can work for marketing firms, corporations, or as a freelance copywriter specializing in blogs, social media, emails, ads, or newsletters. Improve your copywriting skills to excel in this field.

App Development: With over six billion smartphone users worldwide, app development is a lucrative career choice. You can create mobile apps as an independent contractor or work in an organization’s IT department. Start with online courses from platforms like Simplilearn and Code Academy, and consider specializing in Android or iOS development.

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Freelance Writing: Freelance writing offers flexibility and can be highly profitable. You can write content for businesses, websites, newsletters, emails, and more. Begin by taking writing courses, starting your blog, or submitting articles to platforms like Medium.

Web Development: The demand for web developers is high, with millions of websites in existence. Web developers build and maintain websites. Consider enrolling in a coding boot camp to gain practical skills quickly.

Translation: If you’re bilingual, translation can be a rewarding skill. The global economy’s growth has increased the demand for translation services. Join platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour to work as a freelance translator. Gain experience through volunteer work and consider obtaining certification from organizations like the American Translators Association.

Photography: Photography skills are valuable, especially for social media and influencers. You can work with clients looking for quality images for their content. Start by taking photography courses, investing in a good camera, building a portfolio, and promoting your services through social media and a website.

Blogging:  This involves managing your own website where you post interesting content about entertainment, sports, movies, education, jobs, etc. You need to have computer skills such as typing and data entry, SEO, etc. You can hire a professional website developer to set up a good website for you. Pick a niche and build your website by posting original content. Always remember that for you to make money online via blogging, you must be patient to build a substantial audience/traffic.

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