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Latest Jobs at SPIE Oil & Gas Services

Lagos & Rivers

Company Info

Large organization

SPIE Oil & Gas Services Limited

200 + Employees

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is a leading company in the energy industry, specializing in upstream activities such as exploration, offshore and onshore production, as well as downstream operations including refining and petrochemicals. Our primary focus is to tackle the evolving human, technological, and environmental complexities associated with the maintenance and operation of new oil and gas fields. We are committed to meeting these challenges head-on to ensure efficient and sustainable operations in the industry.

1). Data Expert M/F

Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers

Job Description

  • The DATA Expert is the OEM Certified Expert on Data and Cabling Network Infrastructure DW/JV. With wealth of cognate on the job experience on the equipment operations, maintenance and management.

Expert: Data, TOIP, Copper & Fiber Cabling, IPTV, Video Conference, Wi-Fi, Switches, Routers, AP’s.

Responsiblities :

  • Follow up the immediate resolution of critical and challenging system faults
  • Liaise with OEM for issues bordering on level 3 support on the equipment or network
  • Ensure compliance to COMPANY’S HSE practices..
  • Carry out analysis of routine maintenance report with the aim of proactively implementing any recommended corrective action
  • Implementation of major equipment relocation, equipment installation, network reengineering, reconfiguration and commissioning.
  • Training and mentoring of the support engineers and technicians within the team
  • Supervision of the team maintaining homogeneous equipment within the Data equipment and network
  • Resolution of level 2 and above faults on Data/structure equipment and network within the SLA
  • Preparation and implementation of routine or preventive maintenance
  • Updating of network as-built and site engineering documents
  • Provide periodic statistics on system performance.
  • Mentoring of Support engineers and Technicians within his team
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Untrust (Internet) systems  including Firewalls.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of data support infrastructure for Industrial networks (including DCS/ICSS/PI systems) in conjunction to FO/Instrument team. Resolution of all incidents related to data support infrastructure for Industrial networks.
  • Decommissioning of Data, TOIP and VC equipment at all locations
  • Installation, configuration & maintenance of Wi-Fi APs & devices (regardless of OEM) like Ucopia & Cisco WLAN controllers)
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of TOIP Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers (regardless of OEM).
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Message display/CBIS/DMIS systems.
  • Installation, configuration & maintenance of data multiplexers, data monitoring and management tools (regardless of OEM) like packet shapers, Netflow (Solar winds), Cisco Prime, Cisco TACACS/ACS/ISE etc.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of all Data Infrastructure devices(regardless of OEM), TOIP,CUCM, Cisco IP phones, Analog phones, Modems, IPTV devices, IP CCTV devices, VC devices etc.
  • Resolution of all incidents related to TOIP devices (regardless of OEM) including CUCM, Voice Gateway routers, Analog VGs, Cisco IP phones,
  • Routine and Preventive Maintenance of Video Conference (VC) Infrastructure; Daily & Weekly testing and Availability reporting on VC devices
  • Routine and Preventive Maintenance of TOIP Infrastructure; Daily & Weekly testing and Availability reporting on TOIP device


  • As a DATA Expert the holder of this post must have the following qualifications: Engineering Degree, CCNP, CCIE
  • Ability to work independently while maintaining good relations with colleagues
  • high experience and/or CCIE, CCNP certification



2). PLC Specialist M/F

Location: Lagos


  • Direct responsibility for the maintenance, operation and configuration of the hardware and software of the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and associated devices of all Packages within the AKPO Industrial Information System (SII).
  • Partial responsibility for the AKPO Safety Instrumented System,
  • Reports to the ICSS Administrator,
  • Is assisted by the Triconex Specialist.
  • Ensure that COMPANY’s HSE regulations are respected (especially procedures related to Work Permits), as well as approved operating procedures and standard industry practice during preparation and performance of maintenance operations placed under his responsibility,


  • Maintain, operate, modify and perform routine tasks on the PLCs, HMIs, automation computers and Unit Control Panels (UCP) of all AKPO Packages located in the Hull and Topside of the FPSO as well as the Buoy, all located within the AKPO Field.
  • Carry out modifications on both hardware (input, output, communication cards etc) and software (control and safety logic, sequence logic etc) of all systems (compressors, pumps, oil & gas metering system, High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS), Tank Gauging System (TGS), Power Distribution Control System (PDCS), Telemetry System, machine monitoring system etc), under his responsibility as may be required, requested or directed by COMPANY.
  • Prepare with the ICSS Administrator, preventive and corrective actions and modifications of the systems under his responsibility.
  • Manage and document in technical reports, interventions using the CMIMS and work packs provided by the planning team.
  • Follow up the parameter values and alarms in the concerned systems under his responsibility and perform trouble shooting if required.
  • Control and apply inhibits in the systems as directed and controlled by COMPANY rules and procedures.
  • Maintain an accurate and auditable log of all system faults and inhibits (Short term and long term).
  • Take part in daily, weekly and coordination meetings on SITE,
  • Identify, in the preparatory stage of maintenance works, any sensitive operation and ensure that a proper assessment of the risks involved is carried out beforehand,
  • Identify recurrent corrective maintenance interventions, analyse them and suggest improvements, as well as problems related to availability, quality and obsolescence of spare parts.
  • Track any backlog of work in area of responsibility and suggest corrective measures to COMPANY and CONTRACTOR to improve the management of the backlog.
  • Review and assure that all Software Modifications and corrective actions are validated by COMPANY and all impacted documentations are updated after implementation.
  • Perform further tasks in the future within the limit of the AKPO SII as may be defined by COMPANY.


  • National Diploma or Certificate (ND/NC) or A-levels + 3 years’ further study or BTS/DUT or equivalent,
  • 6 years’ experience in the field of Control and Safety Systems and a minimum of 3 years as a Specialist in Control and Safety systems in the Oil and Gas / Petrochemical industry,
  • Knowledge of the oil and gas treatment process, installations and equipment.
  • Advanced knowledge and skill in PLC’s especially Siemens’ SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems, Panels and HMI’s.
  • Knowledge of machine control (e.g compressor control, injection pump control, offloading pump control, turbine control) will be an added advantage.
  • Knowledge of general instrumentation concepts, field devices (sensors and final elements), instrument loops, etc.
  • Awareness of Emerson’s DeltaV Process Control System, Allen Bradley’s ControlLogix System and Schneider’s Triconex Safety Instrumented Systems are an added advantage.
    – Awareness of SAP CMIMS or similar
    – Awareness of Operator Training Simulators.
    – Possession of good interpersonal skills

Deadline: Not specified

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