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Company Info

Large organization

200 + Employees

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Huawei is a top provider of ICT solutions worldwide. We have created end-to-end skills and competencies throughout the carrier networks, enterprise, consumer, and cloud computing areas because to our focus to customer-centric innovation and solid partnerships. More than 170 nations have implemented our products and solutions, benefiting more than one-third of the global population.

Title: Senior Core Network Engineer

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Job type: Full-time

Major Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for E2E customer experience management (CEM) product delivery solution design, project delivery, and maintenance.
  • Early-stage network design: Independently or lead the team to complete the hardware layout, software version, IP and datacom planning, traffic collection solution, system integration solution, and overall delivery plan.
  • Project delivery: Independently or lead a team to complete hardware installation, platform software installation, service data collection, system integration, and data and function verification.
  • Post-maintenance: Independently or lead a team to ensure the stability and data accuracy of the platform software and hardware, and ensure the reliable running of upper-layer applications.
  • Responsible for Core network (CS/PS/IMS) product delivery: Network Design, Hardware Installation, Integration, Commissioning, Acceptance test, Migration and cutover.
  • Responsible for the operation, maintenance and daily checks of the Packet Core Nodes as well as trouble shooting, resolving and escalating any issues within the Packet Core and Packet Data Services.

Educational Background and Experience Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in IT, Engineering or any Business related qualification will be an advantage
  • More than 5 years working experience in Core network PS, GGSN, SGW, MME domain and have IP knowledge will be nice to have.
  • Have a basic command of core network principles. Have general knowledge of PS, CS, and IMS interfaces and related protocols. (PS and IMS core networks are preferred.)
  • Have some knowledge of data communication (IP、switch configuration and common routing protocols).
  • Understand the functions of common server modules(CPU, Memory, Storage, I/O).
  • Be familiar with Linux operating system commands.

Professionally and Business Skills:

  • Internal IP address planning and data communication planning can be completed based on product service communication requirements.
  • Design the core network service traffic collection solution based on upper-layer service requirements.
  • Be able to install software and hardware in the core equipment room and lead the team to complete software and hardware delivery.
  • Lead the team to collect data and verify data accuracy and integrity based on the core network information provided by the customer.
  • The platform maintenance solution can be developed based on service requirements. (Monitoring strategy, personnel arrangement, and problem handling process design) to ensure stable running of upper-layer applications and complete and accurate platform data.
  • Have good communication, coordination, and teamwork capabilities. Be able to work closely with departments and teams to complete cyber security management tasks.
  • Have strong learning and innovation capabilities, and be able to continuously learn and master new cyber security knowledge and tools.
  • Be able to organize cyber security and privacy training and activities.

Deadline: Not Specified.

How to Apply: Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to apply online

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Looking for the best HOST for your website? Hostinger is the BEST. Try It NOW!

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