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The World Bank – Since inception in 1944, the World Bank has expanded from a single institution to a closely associated group of five development institutions.

1). E T Consultant – Public Sector Specialist

Location: Abuja

Regional context

Western and Central Africa (AFW) is a vast region with diverse cultures, beliefs, languages, and lifestyles. Stretching from the westernmost point of Africa, across the equator, and partly along the Atlantic Ocean till the Republic of Congo in the South, it encompasses 22 countries that spread across semi-arid areas in the Sahel, large coastal areas on the Atlantic Ocean and along the Gulf of Guinea and tropical forest covering many countries from Guinea to the Republic of Congo, through Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Gabon. Read more:

Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions (EFI) Practice Group

The EFI Practice Group supports countries to build the economic and institutional foundations for inclusive and sustainable growth and, thereby, make progress towards achieving the World Bank Group’s twin goals of reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Our Practice Group includes the WBG Global Practices of Finance Competitiveness and Innovation (FCI); Governance (GOV), Macroeconomics Trade and Investment (MTI); and Poverty and Equity (POV).

Governance Global Practice

The Governance Global Practice helps countries build capable, effective, transparent, accountable, and inclusive institutions that deliver citizen-centric services, facilitate private-sector growth and build trust in government.

Further information:

Senior Financial Management Specialist, EAWG2, Nigeria

The EAWG2 Team covers the Governance Global Practice program in three Country Management Units (CMUs):

(i) Nigeria;

(ii) Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone; and

(iii) Cameroon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of Congo.

The position is focused on supporting the Government of Nigeria to undertake critical public sector reforms across the federal system of government. The position requires strong hands-on advisory and operational contributions to reforms in a variety of public sector functions including public financial management, civil service performance and public administration in areas of domestic resource mobilization and basic service delivery, and through the full range of Bank instruments.

You will be under the supervision of the Governance Practice Manager for the EAWG2 Unit and will work in coordination with other EAWG2 team members based in HQ and the field, as well as with members of the Country Team from the Country Management Unit and different sectors

Duties and Accountabilities

The  Extended Term Consultant will be based in Abuja (Nigeria) and will work on a variety of public sector reforms through analytical, advisory and operational work. This will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Contribute to operational design and implementation support for lending operations in areas of public financial management, domestic resource mobilization, and governance aspects of basic service delivery.
  • Provide intense hands-on support to clients to support effective project procurements and capacity building activities.
  • Contribute to high quality just in time comparative research and policy notes to support effective solutions for our clients.
  • Contribute to high quality analytical and advisory work on areas related to fiscal transparency and accountability, GovTech, governance aspects of climate change, public service management and public expenditure reviews.
  • Contribute to corporate tasks such as the preparation of country briefs, country policy and institutional assessments, and inputs to thematic notes.
  • Participate as a team member in operations led by other sectors, including education and health to ensure strong engagement with governance issues.
  • Contribute to CMU initiatives to strengthen operational engagements across the portfolio including by preparing guidance for task teams and supporting the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning in preparing and managing World Bank projects.

Selection Criteria

  • Master’s degree in a relevant field (e.g., economics, accounting, political economy, public administration).
  • 5 years of relevant professional experience with solid operational experience on public sector reform.
  • Has completed OCC course and TF accreditation; or, in case of external hire, must complete both within probationary period.
  • Demonstrates solid experience with qualitative and/or quantitative research methods related to governance work.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the project management concepts, as well as of instruments and processes related to project preparation and implementation.
  • Demonstrates solid knowledge and operational experience in two or more of the following areas: public expenditure policy and management; public investment management; public service delivery; public financial management; GovTech and ICT; public administration management; revenue policy and management including tax administration; governance and climate.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the policy making process in Nigeria with regard to public financial management and public administration.
  • Has solid ability to communicate and defend, orally and in writing, challenges and positions to colleagues and management.
  • Fluency in English is required.

The successful candidate will be a professional with solid operational experience on public sector reform, preferably at a multilateral lending institution. Specifically, the successful candidate will be selected based on the following competencies:


  • Written and Verbal Communication – Delivers information effectively in support of team or workgroup
  • Client Orientation – Takes personal responsibility and accountability for timely response to client queries, requests or needs, working to remove obstacles that may impede execution or overall success.
  • Drive for Results – Takes personal ownership and accountability to meet deadlines and achieve agreed-upon results and has the personal organization to do so.
  • Teamwork (Collaboration) and Inclusion – Collaborates with other team members and contributes productively to the team’s work and output, demonstrating respect for different points of view.
  • Knowledge, Learning and Communication – Actively seeks knowledge needed to complete assignments and shares knowledge with others, communicating and presenting information in a clear and organized manner.
  • Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making – Analyzes facts and data to support sound, logical decisions regarding own and others’ work.
  • Public Administration – Understands the overall dimensions and structures of the mechanics of government and its public administration, including domestic resource mobilization (especially tax policy and administration); public financial management, and service delivery).



2). (Associate) Investment Officer

Location: Lagos


IFC—a member of the World Bank Group—is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. We work in more than 100 countries, using our capital, expertise, and influence to create markets and opportunities in developing countries. In fiscal year 2022, IFC committed a record $32.8 billion to private companies and financial institutions in developing countries, leveraging the power of the private sector to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity as economies grapple with the impacts of global compounding crises. For more information, visit

The Financial Institutions Group (FIG), one of IFC’s industry departments, supports projects in numerous financial sub sectors, partners with local financial institutions, develops domestic and regional equity and debt markets and introduces new financing instruments. The goal is to develop efficient financial systems that will increase financial inclusion and fuel economic growth in client countries and enhance IFC’s developmental impact.

FIG is recruiting an Associate Investment Officer to join the Investment Team, which originates, manages and monitors IFC’s financial sector investments across Africa. The Associate Investment Officer will report either to the FIG Regional Industry Manager covering West and Central Africa (WCA) or the Portfolio Manager, West, Central & Southern Africa.

The position will be based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Duties and Accountabilities:

  • Provide key support in identification, appraisal, structuring and negotiation of financial sector investments.
  • Identify and analyze fundamental competitive strengths and weaknesses of projects or portfolio companies and identify non-financial issues, opportunities, and risk/reward factors (e.g., business environment, country, and sponsor).
  • Handle disbursements, waivers, and complex client interactions such as restructurings; monitor and value equity investments and recommends/executes the sale of holdings.
  • Monitor existing investments in portfolio companies, comprising various types of financial entities.
  • Review and analyze the financial and operating performance of clients; prepare quarterly risk ratings, annual supervision, and other management reports as well as country strategy papers, briefs and project profiles.
  • Handle client relationships and provide insight into sector developments in client countries to anticipate new investment opportunities and/or performance issues.
  • Apply knowledge of project/portfolio lifecycle to identify and meet critical path milestones, and to implement tasks (including production of documents) in a timely and high-quality fashion for the processing or supervision of projects.
  • Support business development teams in engaging with and delivering projects focusing on FinTech topics such as payments, lending, wealth management, InsurTech and others.
  • Actively keep abreast of regional and industry developments and incorporates trends into the processing or supervision of projects.

Selection Criteria

  • Master’s degree and 5-7 years of relevant experience in the financial sector, preferably in an investment-related function and/or the private equity industry.
  • Good understanding of financial and operational characteristics of financial institutions.
  • Clear experience and expertise in identifying, evaluating, structuring and negotiating debt and equity transactions; experience in portfolio management.
  • Experience in emerging FinTech platforms and technologies such as digital banking, mobile payments, digital lending, InsurTech etc. a plus.
  • Strong interest in innovative, disruptive solutions for the financial services industry.
  • Sound business judgment and strong problem solving/negotiation skills, as well as ability to work effectively on simultaneous projects under time pressure.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • A keen interest in development finance and working in a multicultural environment.



3). E T Consultant-Digital Development Specialist

Location: Abuja

The Infrastructure Practice Group

Globally, 840 million people live more than 2 kilometers from all-weather roads, 1 billion people lack electricity, and 4 billion people lack Internet access. Access to basic infrastructure services is critical for creating economic opportunities for the poor. The Infrastructure Practice Group is charged with developing sustainable solutions to help close infrastructure gaps in developing and emerging economies.

For more information:

Digital Development Global Practice

The Digital Development (DD) Global Practice is part of the Bank’s Infrastructure Practice Group. It plays a critical role in enabling the achievements of the Twin goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. Digital technologies are transforming firms, governments and people’s lives; and with the digital economy growing at a rate significantly higher than that of the global economy, it offers emerging economies a unique opportunity to leapfrog traditional paths for development through digital solutions.

Collaborating across technical, geographic and institutional boundaries, the Digital Development team helps design and deliver ICT-enhanced solutions to a diverse range of clients.  The team supports clients (i) through advisory assistance to establish policy and regulatory environments that allow the widespread use of technology and create a trust environment; (ii) lending operations by building infrastructure to connect the unconnected, or enabling digital government shared platforms (cloud, digital, identification, etc.).
For more information:

The DD Global Practice is led by a Director supported by seven Practice Managers and Program Managers with specific regional responsibilities and global responsibilities. The IDD02 Unit is responsible of the Digital Development activities and portfolio in the Western and Central Africa region, including lending, supervision and analytical work.

The IDD02 Unit is looking for a Digital Development (DD) Specialist under an Extended Term Consultant (ETC) contract to be based in Abuja (Nigeria). English is essential for this position. The DD Specialist will report to the IDD02 Practice Manager.

Duties and responsibilities:

The ET Consultant will be responsible for:

  • Contributing to the design, preparation and supervision of World Bank Group financed digital development related investment and policy reform programs in client countries with a particular emphasis on stimulating development of broadband connectivity and digital public infrastructure through PPPs and regulatory/policy reforms, facilitating development of digital government IT infrastructure, platforms and services, and promoting development of digital skills and innovation , digital resilience, data governance, as well as on addressing WBG corporate requirements (e.g. climate change, gender, ….).
  • Contributing to advising clients on strategies, best practices and design of programs to develop the foundations of their digital economies.
  • Providing technical expertise and advice on a range of ICT policy and regulatory issues to promote competition, investment and innovation in the telecoms sector and broadband value chain with the aim of boosting affordability, service quality and access to digital connectivity by citizens, businesses and governments and to stimulate the downstream development of value-added digital services.
  • Providing technical expertise and advice on policy, institutional reform, project development and execution to support the digitization of public administration and public services delivery in client countries.
  • Liaising and providing guidance to colleagues working in other sectors (including agriculture, health, education, energy, financial services, transport, climate change, disaster management, etc.) on how to leverage digital technologies to improve public service delivery and efficiency in the respective sectors.
  • Developing innovative and practical approaches to solving difficult policy and operational issues for selected high priority telecommunications, ICT or digital economy related activities
  • Contributing to policy dialogue with senior officials of client countries, regional institutions, private sector/industry, and development partner agencies.
  • Representing the DD Unit and the Bank at digital development related fora and events, as well as liaison in the above areas with key external partners.

Selection Criteria

  • Master’s degree in telecommunications, engineering, computer science, law, economics, public policy or related field with a minimum of 5 years of experience in ICT / Digital Economy policy and regulation and/or ICT / Digital Transformation project design and implementation, or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Excellent conceptual and analytical skills, including ability to think strategically and innovatively about the role of digital technologies for socio-economic development and for transformation in other sectors of the economy.
  • Strong technical and operational skills as evidenced in a proven track record in supporting the delivery of project operations and project implementation and supervision within the Bank or similar type of projects/products for other entities; knowledge and experience in World Bank Group Policy and Procedure Framework (PPF) is not mandatory but would be a plus.
  • Firm understanding of digital technologies, digital transformation of society, and digitally enabled business model trends relevant to socio-economic development in the African context (especially West and Central Africa) and enthusiasm to stay abreast of new innovations.
  • Strong client engagement skills, taking responsibility and accountability for timely response to client queries, requests or needs, working to remove obstacles that may impede execution or project success.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English as demonstrated in a proven track record of effectively delivering technical information in a clear, easily understandable and effective manner.
  • Excellent presentation skills, using charts, graphs and other data presentation techniques appropriately to communicate data, technical information, or complex concepts to non-specialists.
  • Strong drive for results, taking personal ownership and accountability to meet deadlines and achieve agreed-upon results.
  • Strong business judgment and analytical decision making, analyzing facts and data to support sound and logical business decisions.
  • Proven ability to function effectively as a team member of multi-disciplinary teams and resolve conflicts constructively.
  • Prior work experience in Africa (especially West and Central Africa), and good knowledge of sector issues in the region is a plus.
  • Willingness and ability to travel.

Poverty has no borders. Neither does excellence. This is why we continually search for qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds from around the globe. We are proud to be an equal opportunity and inclusive employer with a dedicated and committed workforce.



4). Investment Analyst

Location: Lagos


IFC—a member of the World Bank Group—is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. We work in more than 100 countries, using our capital, expertise, and influence to create markets and opportunities in developing countries. In fiscal year 2022, IFC committed a record $32.8 billion to private companies and financial institutions in developing countries, leveraging the power of the private sector to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity as economies grapple with the impacts of global compounding crises. For more information, visit

IFC has embarked on an ambitious new strategy to stimulate more investment activity by Creating Markets, including in Low Income Countries (LICs) and Fragile and Conflict Situations (FCS). This new strategy requires a shift in our approach to proactively create, deepen and expand markets and projects rather than waiting for clients to propose projects for IFC to finance. This strategy also relies on upstream work with Governments and World Bank colleagues to enable private sector solutions and financing. We call this approach the “Cascade.” Working with clients, we will first seek private sector solutions to address development challenges, where such solutions are advisable and can be effective, and reserve public financing for projects only when other options are suboptimal.

The Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services sector team is recruiting

Investment Analyst for their team to work closely with IFC’s Investment Officers, who are responsible for the origination, structuring, negotiation,and subsequent supervision of the Corporation’s investment projects. Investment Analysts help identify new projects and assist Investment Officers in executing transactions and portfolio monitoring.

This position will be based in Lagos, Nigeria.

IFC recruits investment analysts globally on two-year term contracts extendable to a maximum of four years. Upon completion of their contracts, investment analysts typically leave to pursue a graduate degree or additional work experience.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Fully understands the financial aspects of investment or advisory transactions, including how to conduct market analysis and determine financial soundness of company or project opportunity.
  • Demonstrated skill in financial statement analysis, accounting, finance, financial modeling, DCF, and comparable company analysis to support informed decision making.
  • Ability to conduct market and industry research and analysis.
  • Ability to demonstrate attention to detail, thoughtful scenario analysis,and diligence in the quality of one’s own work.
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize debt pricing benchmarks and equity trading comparables.
  • Basic understanding of how specific investments or advisory transactions in different industries and sectors impact economic, market, and social development, and how to use mapping methodology to assess market conditions, gaps, and business opportunities.
  • Identify data collection needs to support the assessment of financial, operational, development impact, and market information as well as relevant ES&G matters. Coordinate with the client to obtain needed information.
  • Demonstrates active listening skills by being attentive and listening to others to identify client and stakeholder needs.
  • Able to distill and summarize large amounts of information from various sources to prepare business documents and presentations.
  • Able to write in a logical and comprehensive, yet concise manner.
  • Able to utilize graphics and tables to effectively and creatively present data.
  • Extract lessons of IFC’s earlier investments or advisory mandates and other evaluative work as relevant to provide input to the structuring of straight forward transactions.

Selection Criteria

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent degree.
  • Up to 3 years work experience in a financial institution, particularly in investment projects.
  • Ability to develop complex financial models.
  • Keen interest in development finance and multicultural environments.
  • Highly motivated, committed to highest ethical standard, ability to work successfully in multicultural teams and across boundaries.
  • Strong knowledge of financial markets.
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills including corporate/project finance.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
  • Fluency in English required, proficiency in additional languages is preferred.

Deadline: Not specified

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